Ornamental Iron / Wrought Iron

When choosing a wrought iron fence or ornamental iron fence you need to keep in mind what kind of styles there are to choose and what purpose your fence will serve. There are three different categories mainly to choose from. How long do you want your wrought iron fence to last, do you want commercial grade or residential grade. Next would you like rack-able panels that follow the contour of the ground or prefabricated ornamental iron that stair steps? Finally and most requested in free-form area pools, you have the all custom hand curved ornamental iron hand rail and fence. This is where you set the post on selected points and curve the rails to the contour of the curve to perfectly match pool ledges, decks, patios, and walkways or certain areas in your yard. We can build a wrought iron fence or handrail from scratch to curve, twist, and turn anyway you would like!

As far as general styles go for ornamental iron and wrought iron there is: western which has the pickets welded in the top and bottom rail. Vista which is where the pickets protrude through the top and bottom rails. sentry which is like vista but the pickets have caps that go on top of the pickets. Lastly we have curved top sentry and curved top vista which is more for commercial use to keep intruders out.

Flash Fence insists to weld the panels together due to the insects and animals that like to get into the rail ends when being bolted on. also the look for the weld is very clean because of the process we use once welded. It then gets re-galvanized, caulked, and then finally painted to ensure a high quality look and finish.

Our ornamental iron or wrought  is welded together to galvanized iron and powder coated so you can be ensured you have a long lasting product! Ornamental iron speaks for itself due to its common use to spruce up a home. The wrought iron we use has 10 and 20 year warranties on the products we carry they will  last a longtime if painting is undergone after the warranty is no longer good roughly 15-25 years later, which is also a service Flash Fence provides. Painting an old ornamental iron fence ensures that rust will not eat your fence away! That way your fence will last for many decades.